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These videos are really helping me out… The new paints are so easy to work with, you can buff out dust. I’m 62. You’re never too old to really get into it. Any seniors want to jump into this you’re never too old. The course is very well worth getting. Thank You Tony!

Joe DeAngelo 

I looked at Tony’s guarantee and said why not let me give it a shot! (BEST Choice I could have made…) The private forum is great we get to interact with like minded members from all across the globe. It’s a great concept and highly recommended if you’re looking to pimp your ride!

James McNeil 
Mesa, AZ
tip of the iceberg
  • How to perform incredible, jaw-dropping bodywork – friends and family WILL notice these modifications and bring in unlimited jobs, if you want them
  • How to paint auto body panels like a pro
  • How to do high quality body work on staggeringly low budgets – Seriously, this program shows you how to do really kickass stuff with < $100 of materials
  • How to prep bodywork – discover why everyone screws it up…
  • Watch Tony transform a real dog “beater” and into a gorgeous machine with a professional paint job-see this process step-by-step
  • How to transform beaten up body panels into like new parts

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Thanks to Tony and I went from an interest in auto detailing to not only making my cars and friends cars looking hot, but making big money custom buffing & detailing customer cars as well. Thanks Tony!

Ronnie F.

I went from never having touched a paint gun to people wanting me to do their paint jobs. I also buy wrecked cars to sell and got tired of spending what I considered too much for other people to do the paint and body work for me. I have made money doing work for others. Long story short. I owe all of my learning experience to Tony’s learnautobodyandpaint program!

David J. 
New Orleans, Louisiana

Nobody’s forcing you to start a new business. If you simply want to repair your own cars or create sweet custom projects of your own, that’s cool too.

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