Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp review

Power and Applications

Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp is a powerful multi-process welding tool. Its output power ranges from 20A to 220A and offers maximum 40% duty cycle at 100A. This welding machine is not only capable of MIG welding, but it has also been designed for flux-cored, DC TIG and DC stick welding, making it the most versatile welder in its class.

This device is powerful enough and can MIG weld steel up to 3/8 inch thick and aluminum up to 3/16 inch. It’s ideal for welding hobbyists, contractors and educators who want to do MIG welding and explore other processes as well, but has the budget of only one machine.

​Portability and Flexibility

Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp weighs only around 40 pounds, so it’s very light and more portable in comparison to other welders in its class. If you often need to transport the tool around, this welder is really good for your need. It might be a little disappointing for some buyers because this tool doesn’t have inverter technology, so it can’t be powered by generators.

Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp has a dual-voltage input feature and can be operated on either power supply of 120V or 230V, allowing you to plug into any common power source. The tool is versatile and compatible for home as well as industrial sites.

​Special Features

Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp has a list of unique features that make it one of the most demanded MIG welders;

  • Dual voltage inputs make the equipment compatible to be plugged in and used anywhere.
  • Intuitive push-and-turn digital control offers quick setup.
  • Ready, set, weld feature makes it user convenient and easy to use welding tool.
  • Multi-process feature offers additional Flux-cored, TIG and stick welding.
  • Sturdy sheet-metal construction and all-metal wire drive make it rugged and ready for any welding task.
  • Large color display designed to guide you through the machine setup process and helps you understand better.


A few advantages of Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp are;

  • ​A single welder is capable of four welding process, which can be very useful for those welders dealing with numerous types of metals.
  • ​The tool is small in size and light in weight and so you can transport the welder easily. It’s good if you often need to move your machine around.
  • ​Advanced options and settings are designed simple and easy to access, so operating this device is not a very big deal even for novice welders.
  • ​You can use it almost anywhere.
  • ​The welder has strong and sturdy built, so it’s quite durable and likely to last for maximum period.


  • ​Even if the welder is capable of TIG and stick welding, the tool might not be very powerful for these processes and performance may not be somewhat satisfactory.
  • ​This welder is a little more advanced and complex as compared to other welders in its class.
  • When compared to Millermatic 211, this welder heats up more quickly due to absence of built-in fan. (ed note: correction, this model DOES in fact have dual, built-in fans)
  • It‘s more expensive than other welders of the same category.


Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp is a good choice for large power requirements and welding thicker materials in small shops.

However, with this investment you also get advantage of the Lincoln’s special ‘Industrial limited warranty’. This device comes with a warranty period of 3 years and some of its parts come with 1 year to 90 days warranty time. In case your device or any of its parts encounters a technical or mechanical fault within the warranty period, you get free of cost repairing service or replacement at extreme cases. For more convenience, you can also extend the warranty period up to 5 more years by additionally investing a few more dollars.


​Most of the Lincoln welders are top rated and so is Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp, due to its portability, versatility and tremendous power. However, if you are interested only in MIG welding, you could check out Millermatic 211 or Hobart Handler 210MVP, which are also reliable multi-voltage MIG welders.

​Hopefully, if you think Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp is finally the tool you need, I suggest you to read few reviews given by some verified customers, to know their experiences with the tool;


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